Regarding the Imam of the Masjid

As many of you may have heard the Masjid has officially parted ways with our former Resident Scholar, Ali Ahmed. He is no longer serving as an Imam or a resident scholar with Bayonne Muslims. We appreciate his accomplishments here and wish him well in the future.

We also denounce any rumors that might have been spread against Ali or the members of the Board of the Masjid to tarnish anyone’s reputation. Please refrain from spreading any rumors. Making up rumors and lying about others is one of the greatest sins that can occur within a society and in order to prevent such a great injustice from occurring, Islam has commanded the Muslims not to pay attention to just any piece of news or information that comes to them but we must confirm it.

We are already in the process of assigning a team to start the search process for a new imam who will build upon the strong unity of our community and lead our community to the next level. We will keep everyone posted as more details develop in hiring a new Imam inshaAllah.

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