To educate, develop, and preserve the faith of the Muslim community through the islamic tarbiyah and ethos.

To create and implement educational and communal projects focusing on building character and providing guidance.

“Building People, Supporting Families, Strengthening Community”

Building People: Inspire and cultivate individuals to develop and fulfill their potential in their relationship with Allah, within themselves, and towards others.

Supporting Families: Counseling and guiding families through every day challenges to create a strong family unit.

Strengthening Community: Promote أخوة (Ukhuwah) by creating a welcoming environment while adhering to Islamic principles.



Social Services

Religious Services

Bayonne Muslims is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered and operating in the State of New Jersey.

Our masjid and community center was officially established in 2008.

Bayonne Muslims is a community based, service oriented organization, where giving back is a main priority.

Our Masjid and community center provides the following services:

Social Services

Religious Services

– Community Outreach
– Clothing and Toy Drives
– Working with Soup Kitchens

– 5 daily prayers
– Jummu’ah prayer
– Ramadan Programs (taraweeh, daily iftars)
– Educational Schooling for Youth and Adults (Halaqa)

Board Of Directors

Abdul Hameed Butt


Khaled Aly

Imam & Religious Advisor:

Sheykh Ibraheem – Imaam

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