Eid Announcement

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh

I would like to congratulate you all on reaching the end of the month or Ramadan. As we celebrate Eid tomorrow April 10th, and enjoy our time with our families and friends, let us not forget our brothers and sisters in Gaza and all around the world who are going through oppression and difficult times. May Allah bring ease to them and show us His might through them.

We wish you all a very special Eid from all of us here at the Bayonne Masjid.

Taqabbal Allāhu minnā wa minkum ṣālihal-aʿmāl
(may Allah accept this worship from you and us).

Br. AbdulHameed
President, Bayonne Muslims

Letter for Employers and Schools

Please use the following letter as official documentation to request the Eid celebration off from work or school.

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